Your day in a professional studio!

    Your day in a professional studio!

    The "Your day in a professional studio!" Gift Set includes:

    • 2 hours of arranging the instrumental of the song of your choice with a composer/arranger (to change things up a bit and make the song you want to sing your own)
    • 4 hours of recording in our big Studio A

    To this gift set, you can add if you'd like:

    • Advice from a professional vocal coach during the 4-hour studio recording, so you can give your best behind the mic!
    • A 1-hour singing lesson to warm up your vocal chords before getting behind the microphone
    • A video of you in the studio booth performing the final song, shot by a professional cameraman, for a lifelong souvenir of this magical experience! 

    Options can be added individually or combined - it's up to you!

    This gift set:

    • Is suitable for singers of all levels 
    • Includes guidance from a professional, caring sound engineer
    • For 2 people maximum. If you are more than 2 people, contact us and we'll send you a customized quote :)


        Conditions of use:

        - Minors must be accompanied by a parent;

        - The gift certificate is valid for life;

        - Once you've made your purchase, or when you're ready to book a slot to take advantage of the "Your day in a professional studio!" package, simply call us on +33 (0) and we'll make the reservation together, depending on the studio's availability and yours!

        Do you know a music fan who loves to sing? Offer them the chance to spend a day in a professional studio covering one of their favorite songs!

        La promotion expire à la fin du compte à rebours !