Get filmed as you record yourself in the studio!

    Record yourself and enjoy a video souvenir!

    The "Filmed recording session" gift pack includes :

    • or 4 hours of recording in studio A or B (the choice is yours)
    • Suitable for all levels
    • A recording over the instrumental of your choice (your own compositions or covers, the choice is yours)
    • session conducted by a professional sound engineer, there to put you at ease, advise you and record you! 
    • A video montage produced by a professional videographer in support of your recording, in the style of a "studio clip". To share with your friends and family/on your social media! 

    The promotional rate for 4-hour sessions applies to people booking a session for the 1st time, and to those under 27. Otherwise, an additional €50 will be charged.

    Treat your loved ones to a recording session filmed in a professional studio, so they'll have a memorable experience they'll never forget! Choose your studio:

    La promotion expire à la fin du compte à rebours !