Learn how to compose and arrange your own songs using "computer music" method!

    Compose with Computer-Assisted Music (CAM)!

    The "CAM lessons" gift set includes :

    • 2, 4 or 8 hours of lessons in Studio A
    • A course adapted to all levels of musician (beginner, semi-professional, professional)
    • One-to-one sessions with a professional composer/arranger who will take the time to advise you based on your experience
    • A session to discover and deepen your knowledge of various CAM software (Cubase, Melodyne, virtual instruments, etc.)
    • An introduction to piano and music theory for beginners

    Conditions of use:

    - Minors must be accompanied by a parent;

    - The gift certificate is valid for life;

    - Once you've made your purchase, or when you're ready to book a slot to enjoy the "Compose with CAM (Computer-Assisted Music)!" gift certificate, simply call us on and we'll make the booking together, according to the studio's availability and yours!

        Introduce your friends and family to music creation software and learn how to compose their own instrumentals! Choose the duration of your course:

        La promotion expire à la fin du compte à rebours !